Welcome to The Companies Tribunal Case Management System

The following is a list of cases that are handled by the tribunal. Please acquaint yourself with the different types of cases that fall under our jurisdiction

Case Types
  1. Exemption from the applicable provision of the Act on the basis of related and inter-related persons, and control relationships: Section 2(3).
  2. Anti-avoidance exemptions and substantial compliance of the Act: Section 6(2).
  3. Name dispute: Sections 11 and 160.
  4. Alterations of the Memorandum of Incorporation (MoI) or rejection by CIPC of an alteration of the MoI: Section 17.
  5. Extension of Annual General Meeting: Section 61(7)(b).
  6. Application to hold Annual General Meeting: Section 61(11)(b).
  7. Removal of a director where a Company has only two directors: Section 71(8).
  8. Exemption applications relating to the appointment of Social and Ethics Committee: Section 72(5).
  9. Review notices by the CIPC in respect of the convening of a meeting for the appointment of a Company Secretary, Auditor or Audit Committee: Sections 84(6) and (7).
  10. Any other company dispute in terms of Section 166 (Any company dispute arising from the Act may be referred to the Tribunal for mediation, conciliation and arbitration).
  11. Review of compliance orders of the CIPC: Section 172.
  12. Any other matter which a party or interested person can show falls within the jurisdiction of the Companies Tribunal.

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